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Where to begin? Its been a whirlwind and I have a list of post topics a mile long. The holiday season crept up on me a bit although I felt like I was on top of it. I think the late Thanksgiving through my timing off a bit.  I have my annual holiday set at the studio that I always do the week after thanksgiving…however that put me clear into december this year so I have been scrambling a bit to get stuff out by Christmas.  In doing so my own life gets put a bit on hold. Been a stressful few weeks….

Lost a Grandparent. Sick Lily. Sick Hubby. Work Stress. High Risk Pregnancy Stress. Life decisions.

Just to name a few. Not all of the above is necessarily bad but still stressful.  And honestly I REALLY need to keep calm. Eliminate as much stress as I can so I can get this baby to full term.

The latest?  Had to go in last week for my Gestational Diabetes test. My favorite. Drink this nasty drink and try not to puke. And I mean REALLY try. Since I am so much bigger this time around I have major heart burn a lot sooner. Which means trying to down this nasty drink in the 5 minute time limit they gave me made it very difficult to not puke. I had to keep saying…Ill just have to start over…Keep it down! LOL.  I held it in and next up was the blood draw.  I am happy the lady that did it had a good sense of humor. I really liked her.  I am a big baby. I have to be laid down…hand held…I shake like crazy and tears stream down my face. It hurts yes…but its not THAT bad I suppose. Its mostly in my head and I just can not help it.  6 vials of blood later Im luck I have any left (yes 6!!! Goodness).

Next up….after the blood draw we head to see the DR.  And she drops the bomb. Baby is big…I have too much fluid…so guess what I get to be put on a DIET! Ummm. what. in. the. hell. is. that??? No compute. You want me to want????  Well she says I have signs of having gestational diabetes anyway so no matter if I pass the blood test or not I need to cut out sugars and carbs? The words were spoken and they still did not compute. Does she realize that is ALL I EAT? I mean whats left? Oh yeah gross healthy stuff. Yeah. This should be fun.  To be honest…I wasn't as worried about not eating those things as much as I was worried about what I could eat. Im too picky. And if there is nothing I will eat then I just won't eat which is not good either.  Ugh.  We will see how this goes. Hubby is helping as well as mom and a few others. Hopefully by next dr appointment things will be looking better or else I am going to go get myself a HUGE Blizzard! ha!

I worried about the blood test even though the diet was needed regardless. If I didn't pass there was a chance I would need to prick my finger once a day. More stress. The call came yesterday. Deep breath….I passed. Whew. No gestational diabetes. Thank God. At least one stress was removed…now I just do my best on the diet and see how it goes.

Light at the end of the tunnel…My mom is flying in this weekend. So she can shop and wrap my presents for me! ha ha. I hate shopping! I am ready to focus on the holiday and my family (who are almost well….still working on those coughs).

I have lots to post…So hang in there with. Got a few fun reviews (Matilda Jane and Alarm Diapers…lol) and much more….

For now…Everyone send me good vibes and prayers for keeping this baby boy in as LONG as possible!


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