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A "little" Christmas Tummy :)

I have been getting a lot of flack for not posting any tummy shots. Well…honestly? We just haven't taken much. Partly because I am the one taking the photos so they are usually of just Lily or Lily and Daddy.  We will most likely do some pro maternity pics at some point now that the holidays are officially behind us.  (I guess we still have New Years…but not much fun when you have a toddler! LOL).  Our family tradition is to have Christmas Eve dinner so that way we can lay around in our PJ's all day Christmas and play with our gifts :)  So Christmas Eve we (I mean Dan) cooked and we dressed up for our dinner. I figured Dan should probably grab a shot of me before I getting any more crap for not posting any.  I might add that I am HUGE. Or at least I think I am…and well I kinda am considering how much time I have left. UGH. But it is what it is. And all the stripes don't help my case!  But here we are anyway...

~Prego Momma

Snip Snip

Merry Christmas from US!