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Life Factory Bottles

I randomly came across a new brand of bottles we are going to try for baby Lennox. I am pretty excited about them.  My mom and I were shopping at a local boutique baby store called Posh Baby. We saw the bottles and I thought they were cute so we bought one. After taking it home and researching more I knew they were the bottles I wanted to use. They are glass instead of plastic which I love and they won't need to be tossed once Lennox is too big for bottles. The smaller ones can be used to put cheerios or other small snacks in with a regular lid to close. The larger ones can turn into sippy cups with a different nipple and then into regular water bottles.  Even we can use them as water bottles. They are dishwasher safe and microwave safe was well as can go from freezing to boiling without any trouble (they have special glass).  So as long as Lennox does not think throwing his bottle across the room looks fun we hopefully will have some fun bottles for him!  Here is a pic of a few that I have….

Anyone else tried these bottles?

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