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High Risk Pregnancy

Being High Risk kinda sucks. But its not so much that I am High Risk as there is nothing you can really do about it. So instead its like slapping a huge WORRY sticker across my heart. I guess in part I am more prepared for an early delivery but again the fact that there is nothing I can really do to prevent it makes it annoying. We had our 32 week doctor appointment yesterday which included an ultrasound. All looked well. We have a rapidly growing little man who is up to approx 5 lbs! Seriously. And I technically still have two months left? Ummm...Hello 10 lb baby. I don't think so!  I have a very good feeling I am not going to make it to full term but we are hoping to go as long as we can and have come to terms with the fact that we may have another NICU experience. Im not thrilled about that...but at least I am to the point where all should be well with him...just an extended hospital stay. Still.....Making it to 36 weeks would be awesome. The doctor says nothing surprises her anymore. I could go into labor next week or we could be all the way to 39 weeks and I could be begging her to get him out :)  Babies are far to unpredictable and they get the final say on when they are ready to join us. I realize we can assist them in coming faster if needed. But anything before that is entirely up to them. So what does that mean for me? Well she says Bed Rest is kinda pointless. It used to be what they did but too many studies now have shown that it does not really make that much of a difference. So I am not on full bed rest. I am however still on my can't eat anything I like diet (ha) and need to take it as easy as I can.  Pretty much the same thing I have been doing. I still have to live...but I can pay attention to the signs my body gives me and make sure to listen.  I know I can't go up and down my stairs a million times.  I know when I have to lay down and rest for a bit. So I will do my best and we will see what happens. We have our hospital bag packed. We know anything can happen. So lets all just tell Baby Lennox that he needs to get comfortable and hang out for a few more weeks for us. Less NICU time would be just wonderful.

Keep ya all posted. But for now we are just "hanging"



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