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Baby Shower for Lennox~

What a fabulous shower! Carefully planned by Jamie, Samantha and my mom! These three made my day very special! I shouldn't just say my day as we had a coed shower so Dan was involved and of course Lily.  First off if you are reading this and wondering why you didn't get an invite to the shower…I PROMISE I still love you.  We actually really narrowed the guest list down to very few close friends and family. I didn't want a big shower this round and honestly I didn't want people to feel like they had to buy me gifts.  I am also needing to take it easy and wanted minimize the chaos as much as possible.  It really was a great day. I loved everything from the decor to the food to the company.  There was also something so special about not having to do much but watch the three ladies (and some help from Dan) rush around getting things done while I sat. Well I helped a little. But not much. Im used to being the crazy party planner and I actually got to just enjoy. Couldn't have asked for anything better :)  I have a lot of photos to share from the day and I want to Thank both Monterey and my mom for helping capture photos.  I always seem to fail at getting any pics when its my own event.  Go figure!  But I am happy to say I have a bunch of photos! One of my favorite parts of a party is of course the decor (well first the invites) which is just a finish of all the creativeness that went into planning the special day.  This shower had a bow tie, little man theme. Adorable!  You saw the invites in a previous post and of course the handmade bow tie tutorial (if not scroll back through the blog). Here is a couple pics of the fabulous decor...

I have to point out the beautiful onesies which Sam decorated. They were both my gift and decor :)  Actually quite a few items doubled as gift and decor! Made it even better!

Next up we have the cake. It was a Blue Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting. It was light and fluffy and DELICIOUS! There were blueberries and a blueberry sauce to drizzle over your piece of cake. If you need/want the recipe let me know and I can post it in another post.  Or if you are following my on pinterest (blisswhitney) I have it pinned there as well.

Couple other fun treats was the cigar bar! Yummy! Chocolate covered pretzels dipped in oreo, M & M's or coconut. We also had a pomogranate punch that was made from scratch!


Loved the chalkboard bow ties Jamie found on Etsy!

Finishing up with a couple shots of us opening gifts and a few other random shots. I didn't want to post us opening everything so I am just posting Dan's favorite gift! ha ha (THANK YOU CONNIE!)


I didn't mention the food much as I don't seem to have a good pic of the spread. However it was QUITE DELICIOUS! So many made from scratch items. Even Dan said Jamie outdid herself!  My fave were these mini little taco bites she made. Wonton Wrappers in a little muffin pan filled with turkey meat, cheese and salsa. SO GOOD!

All the little details were awesome and of course very special to me.  Thank you to Jamie, Sam and my mom for all the time and effort you guys put into everything! You guys are the BEST!!!!!  x0x0x0x0x


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