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The Top Baby Blog site we are on has reset their votes. They do this every 4 months or so to give new bloggers a chance to move up in the ranks.  It is being on this site that has connected me with other Mommy Bloggers as well as given us fun new products to test out.  I would really like to keep the blog in the top 50! It is with your votes that this can happen.  All you need to do is click the link and the owl on the left. Just takes a second and you have voted!  You are allowed one vote every 24 hours so if you happen to be reading the blog and what to make a quick vote you can! There is a link on the right side that is always there :)  Thanks to everyone who has voted in the past and for those of you that will continue to vote!  I really do love being on this site!Click To Vote For Us @ the Top Baby Blogs Directory! The most popular baby blogs

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