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A Gift in the Mail...

I came home last night and had a cute package awaiting me at my front door. It was a box all wrapped up in baby wrapping paper. Smiling as I walked in with it trying to figure out who would have sent me a gift? I am always better at the buying of gifts then I am at receiving them. Dont know why....but guess I dont think I deserve them or something? Who knows. Anyway after further investigation I found it from Deb...aka...Cali's Mom...aka...Mom as I call her :) (dont worry to MY mom..I still love ya...Deb's NAME is just MOM! LOL). I was in shock! Very unexpected and Very excited to open it! The cutest little girl package of goodies...hat, onesie, pants...and CUTE socks was inside. LOVE IT! Thank you so much Deb, Cali's Mom, Mom for sending! Dan and I love it and are very thankful for the beautiful gift! Cant wait for you to meet little Lily and fingers crossed she will be here on the perfect day of May 22!


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