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Petunia Pickle Bottom

How can you not LOVE this line! I love it so much my Camera Bag is a Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag! Seriously! It works beautifully! Every time I see the new bags that come out I wonder how you chose? They have fun shapes, sizes and patterns that I think I will take one of each and just switch them out like purses. Sounds fun right? If only the price tags worked in my budget! LOL. Here is four sizes and prints I found on their website that I thought were adorable. The last one reminds me of a bowling bag! So fitting! And the first two are more purse size/style...which would be cute if you didnt need to haul an entire diaper bag. Either way...LOVE THEM ALL! Thought I would share...



I found one more! These are adorable too. Travel totes? Makeup Bags? I dont know. Cute no matter what you want to call it!

A Gift in the Mail...

Prego Friends...