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Elements Massage-Wilsonville Location

One of the things I was bummed about when I was pregnant with Lily is that I got jipped on getting a pre-natal massage. Yes Jipped. I say that because about the time I really needed one and was working on getting one booked…I went into Labor. So this time around I had the opportunity to get one sooner and I was thrilled (I think it is time for another….keep this baby in please! ha). A friend/fellow coworker owns the Wilsonville location of Elements….and extended the offer for me to go get a massage from one of their pre-natal therapists. Did you know that you have to have someone who is trained/licensed in pre-natal massage? Well if not…now you do.  They have to make sure not to do anything that will send you into pre-term labor. Now if you are over due…thats a whole different story! ha ha!

I had the pleasure of having Beatrice. She was wonderful. I was comfortable, content and ready for a nice nap after she was finished. I wondered how the heck they even massage someone with a HUGE belly that you can't lay on…but they have their ways. You lay on your back for some…and on each side. I had a full body massage so even my feet were super happy!  Its a great place and even if you are not pregnant I recommend giving it a try.

Today I received an email from Elements Massage of Wilsonville that they are having a Ladies' Pampering Night this wed (feb 5th) night from 5pm-8pm! They have several vendors including essential oils, hair styling, healthy living, skin care and jewelry. All catered to women! Oh and I see Cupcakes! Every event needs cupcakes right?  Looks like a fun event…if you are out and about wed or have a couple girlfriends grab them and go check it out.  They will be offering free massages as well. This is a perfect time to see what you think!

For more information on the Ladies Night event…Click HERE!

I have a badge on the right that links directly to their website. Or you can click HERE!  They are located in Wilsonville just a minute off the freeway in Argyle Square.

Hope you LOVE it!




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