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Pink. Seriously Lily?

"Whats your Favorite Color Lily?"-Me "Pink"- Lily

Seriously? Not that I am entirely opposed to pink. But its funny how we didn't really overdo the pink with her. Even her Nursery is Blue (not a boy nursery…its more teal…You can see the photos in the top bar under Lily's Nursery). Im not a huge fan of pink. So why on earth is it Lily's favorite color? How is it kids gravitate towards something that just makes you thrilled (gag). LOL Im blaming Pinkie Pie. Her favorite My Little Pony that goes everywhere with her. The Pony is from Build A Bear and is about as big as Lily but she hauls it with her anyway.  This is the only thing I can think that is causing "Pink" to be her favorite color. Either that or she is purposely trying to irritate her mom…which could also be the case :)

So Pink. Fine. I will now plan the most un-cheasy Pink Birthday Party for my little princess. She being the princess NOT it being a princess party (not happening). I can do it. Deep breath. LOL

On a side note. I loved the little moody feel to this image I shot this am. Lily was having her breakfast and it was too perfect...


Off to some PINK planning...


Last call for Baby Pool

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