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Lily's First Snow+ Snow Ice Cream!

It finally snowed in Ptown! Amazing. And to think….Lily is just about three and this was her FIRST SNOW! Seriously. We probably should have road tripped it somewhere so she could experience it but we didn't. Instead we got to experience her joy with her today and yesterday. She LOVES it.

We also got to test out her snow suits that Jamie passed on to us! Been waiting for her to wear them. Well…she still mostly fits in these purple ones sized at 18 months! LOL.  But we have a blue pair of bibs too. So she wore them the second trip out. (same coat however)

It was a lot better conditions out today then it was yesterday. It was soooo windy that it made it way more freezing and uncomfortable to stay out for long. Today she played a lot longer and took multiple trips out. Im hoping tomorrow we can get some non iPhone pics but we will see.

Love this shot of my two sweeties...

Too cute…Heart Melting :)

After dinner I saw a post that my good friend Samantha (www.sanowtwins.com) made snow ice cream. Ummm what the heck? Where have I been living. I knew of no such thing. A quick google search and away we went. Hello delicious snow ice cream! What a great tradition to start!  And thanks to Sam for letting me totally hijack your idea! ha ha. Our tummies all appreciated it.

So if you have been living under a rock like me Im going to share what we did!

First I sent Dan outside with a bucket (about a  gallon) to gather some snow. If you are prepared you can set a bowl or bucket outside while its snowing to catch the snow for you. I told him to just get the cleanest untouched snow he could…ha ha!

Ingredients: SNOW-about a gallon Sugar- 1 cup Vanilla- 1 tablespoon Milk- (1-2 cups) slowly add till its your desired consistency. This is the last step! Powered sugar to sprinkle on top Coffee/sugar grinds from Trader Joes (DELISH)

We used our kitchen aid mix! IT WAS FABULOUS!

Add snow. Add Sugar. Low Speed mix. Add Vanilla. Once you have the ingredients well mixed (minute or two) slowly add milk until you get it to a consistency you are happy with. We mixed on high and it made it kinda of a cool whip consistency. It was perfect. It does melt fast to eat promptly. Put into cute dish and sprinkle with powered sugar and if you have the Trader Joes Yummy grinder…ADD IT! Or you can sprinkle with a little cinnamon.

Lily wanted to wait until it warmed up a bit! ha ha! Ice Cream is COLD! But all in all we loved the snow ice cream! If you haven't ever tried it go snag some snow while its still here!



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