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Baby Lennox Update:

Well we made it past 37 weeks (this last Saturday) and are in the home stretch. Its crazy to me that we were so nervous pre-pregnancy and then for the last nine months of having a NICU baby. And yet here we are. Doctor said at 37 weeks there was a 7% chance of NICU so unless we are really unlucky all should be well from here on out.  There was so many scary "Please don't go into labor" moments the past couple moments but we made it. Even held him in during our lovely Portland snow storm where I was told people were delivering in ambulances. NO THANK YOU!  My doctor was out of town this last weekend but is back tonight and will be there for me from here on out. So Im ready. Lets do this. The anxiety and anticipation is KILLING ME!  With Lily I didn't have any time to think about it since she came before we were expecting. This round we have been praying for no early baby this whole time that was my focus. Well now its….Crap…Any day? Labor? ahhhhhhh!  I can think of nothing else. I NEED A BEER!  Or something to calm these nerves. We have prepared as much as we can but the waiting game is slightly un-nerving. My next Doctor appointment is this thursday. If he's still hanging out she is going to try and encourage him to get going.  And then if he still refuses we will most likely be inducing the following week sometime.  Im hoping he will just know that we are safe now and that its fine for him to wiggle his way out. I posted on Facebook for "advice" on getting things going and am cracking up….Here is a few of the responses I got.

~Driving around on speed bumps and of course castor oil which totally worked for me but was totally nasty.

~Swings and squats. Helped with both mine.

~I've heard castor oil can cause diarrhea... not what u want while pushing. lol also, male *ahem* sperm thins the cervix. wink

~Since I'm a nurse, I can't give advice, and you should listen to the doctor and your own sound judgment. I will tell you that I drank raspberry leaf tea to try and induce labor for my second baby. I went into labor very soon after that, and it may have been a coincidence. I was a bit desperate, since I believed it was time. I delivered him days early, but he was post mature, meaning he needed to come out. I had both of my kids early, and both were post mature. Each pregnancy is different, and you will know what to do. You did get some fun advice on here. Maybe you should see how many fun comments you can get on here.

~Boy's never want to leave home. Doesn't matter how old.

~Up and down stairs trick or throwing pillows on the floor and "snap bend" picking em back up again

~ Long ass hard hike got Lily out so... If u r ready u know what to do..

~Oh yeah...raspberry leaf tea. It's suppose to make labor "easier" too if you drink it in the weeks before.

Loving everyone's responses. So funny!  If you have more feel free to comment. Its fun to read what every thinks :)

I think I will start by  having a little chat with Lennox. We have been telling him to stay put for so long….he needs to hear its okay to join us now.  Then we will see what I else I can manage.  I know he will come when he is ready so we won't do anything crazy don't worry.


Just Hanging for now~



Lily's First Snow+ Snow Ice Cream!