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Baby Booties

Little Lennox has been a lucky little guy with loads of gifts coming in! I am so thankful for all the thoughtful people who have sent or brought gifts over for him. Everything has been amazing and we all appreciate the thought that went into each and every gift.  I can't post everything but I did want to do a quick share of one gift in particular since they are a fellow Etsy shop! One of mine and Dan's coworkers over at onOne has a wife who sells the most adorable baby booties!  (there are a few other goodies she makes/sells as well) The shop is called Sweet Pea 'N Pumpkin. I am always a fan of anyone who is crafty and also loves Etsy as much as I do.  You can check out her shop... https://www.etsy.com/shop/SweetPeaNPumpkin

Here is the booties she made for Lennox!


Adorable right?! Thank you to Heather and Josh for thinking of us and for the gift! Lennox is going to be dashing wearing them!


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