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Potty Training

Im not gonna lie I was dreading potty training. Its not that I wanted Lily to be in diapers…getting rid of the diapers I was quite excited about. It was the actual potty training. I was dreading cleaning up messes and the constant reminders to go potty and the public outings, etc. And of course once I hit about 7 months in my pregnancy pretty much doing anything that involved squatting or bending over was less than fun. Dan and I REALLY wanted Lily to be as close to potty trained as possible by the time Lennox was born.  We were hoping to have only one in diapers and were also thinking she would be just about three so no problem right? We started out with some Alarm Diapers. (www.potty-patrol.com)These were sent to me complimentary to give them a try and see what I thought.  Alarm diapers. Seriously. I had no idea that they even existed and it made me giggle just thinking about them.  I was a little scared when the box arrived thinking that this alarm was going to not only terrify Lily but me as well.

What are alarm diapers? Well…they have this nifty little piece that clips to the front of the diapers...

When a child pees in them it sets off a quick alarm (don't worry not that loud actually) that turns into the twinkle, twinkle little star song. The alarm just beeps a couple times before it starts singing so its not that scary. The idea behind them is that kids will learn the sign of when they need to go potty. You quickly take them to the bathroom and they will start to understand and put two and two together. It was a happy thought. I can see how they would work but by the time we got them to try I think Lily was a bit too smart for the diapers. She just wanted to wear them so she could MAKE THEM SING! She called them her twinkle diapers. Ugh. Peeing in them was fun for her. Dang it. Dang it. Dang it. I really needed to try them a bit sooner than we did. If anyone else has a toddler and wants to give them a go let me know? I still have quite a few left and would be more than happy to pass them along. I would highly recommend starting sooner than we did and I think they would help a bunch in the process.

So diapers didn't work. Mommy was way too tired to put in the effort needed and Lily just wasn't that interested anyway. So what did we do? Well, Thankfully I have an amazing daycare provider, Miss Ashley, who helped and succeeded! She had been trying for months…getting Lily to sit on the potty, reading her potty books…etc. We were still trying at home as well but not being quite as consistent as Ashley was.

And….It happened…She FINALLY peed in the potty! We had a potty party…everyone cheered for her and she got treats! A few more days and little Lily was AMAZING! We still give her treats but she is going in the potty and has had very little accidents. We are still working on the poop in the potty however. She has done it only once. The rest have been a bit messy (ugh). But we are getting there. The best part? She pretty much had it down to the wire by mastering this whole potty training right before Lennox was born! Go LILY! She knew that was our goal I think!  Hopefully we will get the poop in the potty down soon but we are thankful that things have been going well and thankful to Miss Ashley who helped so much!

Here is a shot of Lily having a potty party of her own with all her ponies! LOL

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