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Settling in...Mostly.

Been a long month. We are officially moved in...with just a touch of chaos in our new house. Still lots to do but happy that we have finished moving everything and have sold our other house.  Now as we have free time we will be working on getting the house all fixed up like we want. We have had to come to terms with the fact that its going to take time. We only have so much free time so its one thing at a time and remembering that we need to work, sleep and LIVE. It can't be every day killing ourselves trying to perfect the house. Nope.  It will all come together eventually.  For now we are working on getting Lennox to sleep all night so we can function better. We had our first 8 hours with out feeding him last night. We still had to binky him a few times but I consider last night a success. Its time for that boy to start sleeping!  Lily. Oh Lily. She has been sick for two weeks. Well not sick. But has unhappy tummy. Puking and pooping for two weeks. Seriously. And the kicker? She ONLY pukes in the middle of the night. Thank you Lily. Daddy and I really love our 3am puke wake up calls. What a freaking nightmare. Well last night there was no wake up. So again....Ill take it as a success. I think we have cleaned up more poop and more puke in the last two weeks than we have in Lily's entire life. Yuck. I must say I am thankful for my hubby who can clean up puke :) I on the other hand did my best to hold in my own puke while giving her a bath. Ugh. Please can we be done.  A stool sample was delivered to the doctor (umm. Gross.) so we can try to figure out what is going on with her. No fever. No other symptoms. No one else is sick. Its so bizarre. We will see. My mom was in town for the last few days visiting. Which meant Dan and I had our first date night in so many months I have lost count. And the best part? It was an overnighter! My mom and stepdad braved the night with both kids. It wouldnt have been too bad but Lily made sure my poor mom cleaned up lots of messes :(  And Lennox thought he would throw in a bit of baby puke just to sweeten the pot. Awesome. Thanks Kids. LOL. They all survived and even though we feel bad I will say that it was a much needed break and we are so very Thankful for my fabulous family for giving us that night. WE LOVE YOU!

Here is a couple pics for now. I know I am still needing to post Lily's 4th of July pics we took in the studio. Sorry. Here is one of hers and two of Lennox sporting his handmade bow ties.

And a quick shot of us from our Date Night. Salt and Straw for dessert! DELISH! I had Honey Lavender...it was awesome.

More Soon~ Whitney

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