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Big Boy Room...

If you haven't figured that out already I LOVE decorating. I have never loved shopping but when its looking for the perfect piece for a room design I don't mind. I also love being creative with decor pieces. One of my Bliss Studio clients/friends mentioned needing help decorating both a big boy room and a new nursery for their second son.  I of course jumped at the opportunity and since I had just finished up Lennox's room I have been researching lots of ideas for little boys.  We started with an empty room and the inspiration from the Lion print.  They also had the crib already. From there every detail we bought and got up in one day...all the way to the light fixture (I LOVE lighting...its a must in designing). I was so excited with the results that with their permission I wanted to post pics!  My favorite part? The fun wall display with the alphabet cards. These are hung with twine and whimsical door knobs. Oh and I of course love my canvas prints :) Thanks to this special family for letting me hang out and help make a beautiful room! Super excited to work on baby #2's room next! Here is a few pics...

Lily's 4th of July Session

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