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My Big Girl

I have been so behind on getting posts up. Too much to do...Not enough hours in a day...and Just too tired to hold my eyes open in the evenings to do a little catchup (thank you Lennox). You know the drill. Someday my son will sleep through the night and life will get a little more normal and hopefully less grumpy.  At Lennox's 6 month appointment they give you a paper to fill out to determine if you are depressed. I know its legit and some people suffer from Post-Partum depression but for me the paperwork is ridiculous. Only because Im not depressed and Im just annoyed. Or Tired. Or Grumpy. And the way they ask the questions makes me more annoyed and tired and grumpy(LOL). Dan and I might have giggled a bit while answering. For example... "Do you blame yourself for unnecessary things?" A) All the time  B) Some of the time C) No more than usual Or D)Ummm No...I blame my husband. (figured they should know the truth so I added my own D.) I can't actually remember the questions...but I was still annoyed and had funny smart ass answers I could have given rather than just a yes or no.  Again....I am not dogging on them for trying to make sure people are okay. I understand why they are doing it so please don't think I am a terrible person (remember I said I was annoyed...tired...and grumpy....so I have an excuse)  I am thankful that I am okay and have a support system of wonderful family and friends.... And I know that will someday get better....At least it should! Anyway...moving on.

Lily. My SO BIG girl.  I have been taking Lily to riding lessons (well two so far). Just to see if she would love it and she has been asking me to ride on a horse the last few months.  So I found a place and signed her up.  The lady who is working with her is wonderful. She owns "Dreamridge Stables" in Oregon City. Its a bit of a drive for us but totally worth it.  For three year olds she does a half hour lesson. I wasn't sure if Lily would even last that long. Right. She DID NOT want to leave! She was so adorable. Last week Lily had her second lesson. And by the end...She rode in the arena BY HERSELF! Oh my goodness. I cried....seriously. Proud momma.  She was doing so good. I know having her at the stables and learning to ride brings all kinds of memories up for me. It makes me miss my grandma so much and I can only imagine how much she would have enjoyed watching Lily learn to ride. It is a special thing for me to share with Lily and I am so happy that she loves it so much. My little princess has new boots (hot pink of course) and her own little riding helmet.

Here is a couple pics I grabbed with my iPhone of her. Including the drive home after. She was so sleepy! LOL The first image is her telling Elmo to "walk" and telling him where to go with the reigns.

More soon~


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