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New House Re-Decorating....Dining Room

I thought it would be fun to post some before/afters as we re-do rooms in our new house. Dan and I both enjoy decorating and designing our houses and we always forget to get the before pics. So this time I am on a mission so that I can post!  Plus I thought you guys might like to see.  Im no HGTV but I really do love decorating and we have so much we are planning for this house!  We have one room done so far. Just one. Kids slow us down but they also give us more to decorate! ha!  We started with the dining room as it seemed like an easy place to start. The house is/was super dark on the inside. This particular room was a burgundy. BEFORE: Not the best before but you still get an idea. One goal we have for this house is bright and country. I have a mint colored mixer in my kitchen that was part of my inspiration. That and a few "found" items around the house and here is my "inspiration board"....

So with the inspiration....we got started. And by WE I mean Dan....LOL

Now one thing I might mention. You see that darker green all the way in the corner? Yeah that. Well....Ummm....Dan bought the WRONG green. I love him. But oops. So he had to re-paint after spending quite a bit of time on the ahem...wrong green. Oh Honey. Im hoping its worth it now :) Even though in the moment it was a huge pain.

While Dan was painting I did a little shopping...

Antlers anyone? Yup. Im crazy. Dan had his doubts. But don't worry. I think I pulled it off!

And the finish.....Drumroll please.........

LOVE the quote too! Chalkboards are awesome. And you see the vases on the table? Sorry there are no flowers in the pic but that little beauty was my housewarming gift handmade by my sister in law. She rocks. If you think you need one too let me know and I can get you in touch with her.

Thanks to Stacie for helping paint/decorate and to my hubby for doing the majority of the labor to make this room beautiful. What do you guys think? Do you love the transformation?

Stay tuned. Next up will be our downstairs bathroom. Im just finishing up the decorating. Its transformation is HUGE!


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