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Living a Fairytale.

I am pretty sure yesterday/last night was a dream. I might have even pinched myself a few times. Maybe I was watching a movie? You know like a mushy romantic one that never really happens in real life? Yeah. That is how I felt.  I still don't believe it and Im also not sure how I got so lucky to have married such an amazing man. As you probably saw on the previous post, yesterday marked 10 Years of being married! Such a milestone in my opinion....especially these days.  Before kids we wanted to celebrate our 10 year anniversary in Greece. I know that one day we will go there but our lives have changed and we are okay with that. Life has been hectic and crazy pretty much since Lennox was born. I honestly figured Dan and I would just pick a place and go to dinner to celebrate. We have not had a lot of free time (I certainly have not had any) and organizing a sitter and such is not always the most fun. Well what did I know? Apparently, Dan had other ideas in which I was not allowed to know. (uh...Rude? just kidding).  I was to show up to work yesterday and was told I was "busy" from 3pm on. He wouldn't give me anything. Said dress like I was going to work. That was IT. GRRRRR.  Fine. Arrived at work tried to beg for some clues (nothing.) and had to "Patiently" Wait until 3pm hit.

2:56pm- Hubby walks in to my cube with this.

Seriously. Ummm. Dying. I have a schedule. And shoes. And a strapless bra (he thinks of everything). And gift cards. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPENING!


Still in Shock....I head out for my first "appointment".

3:00-White House Black Market

Giftcard to select a date night dress. A few selfies in the dressing room (okay Ill admit it...I was taking shots and sending them to my mom so she would help me pick...Remember Im the girl who HATES shopping). This was not a Hate Shopping experience though. It was a mission. At one store. For one dress. This I can handle. Three choices...

Done. Keep reading to see the "Winner."

4:00- Blowout.

What in the heck? I had no idea what this was. Its new at bridgeport village. A gal washed and dried my hair and styled it with a few curls. Totally new experience and actually kinda fun for a special treat. Lucky for me too...I had worn a hat yesterday! LOL So it was a little refreshing.


4:45-Mac Makeup.

Unfortunately this one didn't go quite as planned but it was still okay. Mac changed their policy since the last time I was there (RUDE) and now charge $50.00 to get makeup done. Before (and every single time I have been there) it was $50.00 in product was required and they would do your makeup. So Dan got the $50.00 gift card knowing this is how it worked. Nope. I was super upset and the girl was not even apologetic. She was very weird about it which made me even more mad. Seriously. A simple Im so sorry they changed the policy would have been great. And also...If you are PAYING $50.00 just for  makeup they need to take you into the pampering room. You don't help customers during your PAID time. So rude. Anyway...Not Dans fault...I had no desire to pay her money to do my makeup (after she was irritating me)  so I bought a few things and took care of it myself. No problem. At this point in my schedule I already felt more than spoiled so this was no big deal.


Now what? Oh right....Im to go back to work and pickup Dan.

5:00- Get dressed and get photos!

I arrive back at work and Dan is all dressed up cute and waiting for me. I get the rest of the way ready (needed help zipping up that dress! LOL) and we head into the onOne photo studio so Jonny could snap a few photos! This made my night. Seriously. We don't usually get photos so it was great that we were able to have a quick documentation of our night. And Jonny was the perfect person to do this. He was there the day we wed! Thank You Jonny for being there for us and for still being such a good friend! We love you!

PHOTOS and the Dress Winner.....

(And did I mention Jonny is the King of Polaroid? AWESOMNESS!)

5:45- Head to Dinner

Dan made reservations at my/our favorite place. Portland City Grill. Delicious and a BEAUTIFUL view!  Its not often that we get a window seat but they saved us one!

Pretty Awesome right? Im still in shock and the next thing I know....this happens:



<Insert Water Works Here>

Ummm What is that?!!! Ummm No. Ummm.....Dying. Ummmm....Seriously can not open it. (can't see past the tears either at this point)

6:45. Still waiting

7:00. Waiting.

7:15. More waiting.

I could NOT OPEN IT! It was killing Dan. Me? I just couldn't stand it. Apparently some years ago I mentioned wanting a blue box for our 10 year anniversary. Yes YEARS ago. And so he put it in his calendar (no joke). Well I just said a blue box. I didn't say THIS BLUE BOX! Im pretty low maintenance when it comes to jewelry. I am happy with anything small, cheap...no big deal. So he figured that after 10 years this made it special and totally worth it.

7:20. Im still dying.

7:45. I give Dan his gift.

Are you laughing? I mean seriously, Whitney, Chapstick? Do you remember me saying NO free time? Can I hold on to that excuse? Well Im good for a laugh. At least he thought it was funny. Don't worry I got him a couple things...but nothing worthy of his gifts to me nor worth mentioning in this post. He OUTDID himself.

8:00-Oh. You still waiting on WHAT IS IN THAT DAMN BOX? I know. Im mean right? I was having a hard time. Bear with me. This was more than I could ask for already. I did not need anything more. okay okay...the box. The most perfect necklace my husband could ever pick. <insert waterworks AGAIN> He did not even realize at the time but the necklace was very similar to the one I wore at our wedding that belonged to my grandmother. The necklace that was "stolen" as it was supposed to be mine. <and the crying continues>


Wowsers right? My hubby rocks. But wait there's more. HOW ON EARTH CAN THERE BE MORE????

8:30- Dan drives to a rooftop close to where we were married. Pulls out his iPhone and plays our first dance song. Okay. Ive officially lost it. I have cried more in one day than I have in a REALLY long time. Pinching myself again. Where does he come up with this stuff. Shesh. <Cant stop crying>.

Well there you have it. A day of Bliss. A Fairytale. A perfect Anniversary planned solely by my amazing husband. Did I dream it?

~Spoiled and crazy in love, Me.


PS~ A special Thank you to the Sanow's for watching our kids. If it weren't for you guys this night would not have been possible!

1st halloween

10 Years.