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1st halloween

NO FREE TIME. Yup "tis the season" of Bliss! And more Bliss. And I don't mean Bliss as in "Blissful" I mean Bliss Studio craziness. So...the small things get pushed aside as I plow through the season. Dan misses the blog. Funny right? Dan is living the blog...yet he misses it? Maybe he just misses my sarcastic write-ups of our life? Not sure. But if heavy sarcastic remarks gets us through the season of a sick family (3 weeks now...no joke) and so much work to do that there seems to be no end in sight? Well. Sarcasm it is. And Beer. Or ice cream. Whatever I grab first. I will do my bestest to post a few things just so you guys still feel loved. So much has happened...but lets just start with this for now so I can get back to my growing list of work to do. I posted this on Facebook. But I still love it. This is a pic of Lily's first halloween and Lennox's first halloween. My kids look NOTHING alike. Except they like to stick their tongues out when I take pics. Silly kids.



~Scatter brained, Me.

Ballet Performance

Living a Fairytale.