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Black Arrow Studio (etsy shop)

Here we are Day One on the 30 day blogging challenge that I have put on myself. (you know to cover my guilt from lack of blogging). First up I wanted to share an Etsy shop that made a custom product for Dan's bday. You know I love Etsy and Im always up for sharing a fellow crafter. I have a couple shops I want to share that helped me with my Christmas Shopping so stay tuned. My first share is Black Arrow Studio who offers several adorable products, travel changing pads, diaper clutches, crayon holders and the Cash Envelope Wallet I purchased for Dan. The wallet also doubles as an awesome coupon holder. How many of you save coupons?  We try...we are not always great but Dan was putting them in this horrid plastic thingy that I hated. Yes Dan. He does most of the grocery shopping or all we would have is chocolate pop tarts and string cheese (quite the combo I know). Im a terrible shopper so its best that we stick to our strengths and let Dan do the shopping.

I found Black Arrow Studio via Etsy when searching for a custom coupon book and I came across the wallet she (Lexi) makes.  Most of what she had listed at the time were a little more girly, which makes sense, but I needed it for Dan so we started working on a custom order. Lexi has similar taste in fabric so the process was super easy and I was super happy working with her.

Lets start with the ugly book Dan was using...

The cool thing about the new coupon book is I was able to snag all the labels Dan had already written and gave them to Lexi. She created the same set for the new book!

Here are the pics of the finished wallet :)


Super cute right? Im pretty sure my husband loved it too. Handmade rocks and so much better than plastic. Thank you so much to Lexi for making this book for my husbands bday! We love it and LOVE supporting our fellow Etsy shops! If you think you need one too take a peek at the shop.....BLACK ARROW STUDIO! She may be on vacation at the moment but keep an eye out or send her a message if you are interested in a book and tell her I sent you :)

Enjoy~ Whitney

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