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Sending Glitter to your enemies. (blog challenge Day 2)

Sending Glitter to your enemies. Just reading that cracks me up. But did you know its a REAL service? Im serious. I woke up this am seeing this via Facebook. I of course had to read more as I could NOT STOP LAUGHING! I mean seriously...who comes up with this stuff? And according to a link I saw via the Washington Post. These guys had sooooo many people buy after launching a few days ago, that they had to temporarily suspend purchases. I only wish I was as cool as these guys. I would love to come up with an idea that is hilarious and makes insta money. Right? Here is the website:(they are based in Australia but ship WorldWide for a bargain fee)


And a screenshot of their website:


Now if that does not convince you or at least make you laugh. Please read through their website. Please note....Language is not nice. Which for me...I suppose...made me laugh even harder. Its blunt and hilarious.

Don't kill the messenger: I provide you with this valuable information so you can share the love with your ahem...friends. But when considering which ahem...friends to send this to. In that moment just remember we are not ahem...friends. Cause as loving as this gesture is I will not be quite so loving in my revenge. Hugs and kisses My FRIENDS!

xoxoxo~Whitney (And Im still LAUGHING!)

The Kids. (Day Three)

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