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Blog Challenge Day 5- THEY SLEPT!

Oh thank the Lord. They FINALLY SLEPT. I feel "almost" human today. No beer at 3am needed. Whew. Now instead of wanting to strangle my kids I can remember how ummm "wonderful" they are. Especially when moments like this happens:

She actually ASKED to feed him. And while she was holding/feeding him she said "Just like Kylee and Avery". Yes thats right. Her two older friends that she talks about non-stop and wants to be just like. It cracks me up! (Jamie, I know you are reading the blog and I kept forgetting to tell you this).  I seriously need to borrow those girls for a week so they can influence Lily on all the things I need. Like how to Clean Up. She thinks its a fun game when they are doing it too. ha ha.

Lets hope for another night of sleep so I can stop blogging while living in a fog. I need more happy and fun posts!


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