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Project Life-(blog challenge Day 6)

Project Life-(blog challenge Day 6)

Im still stomping along through these daily posts. Although it is only Day 6! ha.  Today I had a break from my kids (THANK YOU HUSBAND) while I spent the entire day at the studio with some wonderful friends and clients working on our Project Life Albums. Are you a project lifer? Its definitely something I am very passionate about and am using my studio to help encourage people to print their photos and get them into a book. Plus its so much fun to create albums with friends. Everyone shares, helps each other and has their own unique ideas. I love it. Here is a silly short video on what Project Life is. No making fun of me. Im usually BEHIND the camera!

If you are interested in Project Life Im happy to help. And if you are a local (portland) person we have monthly get togethers at the studio! Email me if you want more info (info@blissstudio.net)


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