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Etsy Love (Day 9-Blog Challenge)

I wanted to share another Etsy shop that I am in LOVE with. She (Cheryl) was wonderful to work with on two custom orders as well as she has very similar taste in fabric. Makes a double love for me.  This past Christmas I did my best to hand make as many things as I could but as we know December is typically my craziest month with the studio so I don't always have as much free time to make things as I would like. Sometimes I remember to start early (like Aug) but with baby and moving....it did not happen this year. So I decided if I couldn't make things I would still try to buy handmade. Etsy was my best friend for Holiday shopping. Which brings us to Meadow Mist Designs. I was looking for something sewing related for my friend, Samantha. Even though she and I can both sew, sometimes its just easier to purchase from someone who has already mastered a particular pattern or design. I was looking for a creative pin cushion. And actually have been looking FOREVER. Ive looked in stores. Ive looked on Etsy a ton of times. But for whatever reason....All the pin cushions I kept finding where UGLY. I was debating making one....but then that required finding a cute pattern. Ugh. I have no idea how I found this shop but somehow it finally came up in my searches....WAHOO. The  most adorable pin cushions I have found thus far. And TWO different styles to pick from. I know the fact that she has awesome taste in fabric made them even more awesome :) There were plenty of cute pin cushions to pick from but since I wasn't making something for Sam I wanted to "pretend" like I was helping by going with a custom set. I also fell in love with her gift set rather than just a pin cushion. The gift set included a thread catcher and a needle book. I had remembered that Sam said she was having trouble finding a needle before so this was perfect!  Cheryl and I went back and forth a couple of times and together we settled on the perfect fabric combo for the set. Im not sure if I made the process easy? Or if I was a pain since I knew the "industry" more than most. She assured me all was well and I tried to not be too picky :)

Here is the beautiful gift set for Sam:


Cute right? The pin cushion is a Cathedral Window Pincushion. I seriously enjoyed this process so much and loved the items that I sent my hubby to her shop to work on a custom order for me! ha ha. I had to have a set too :) Cheryl took care of Dan and here is the beautiful set I received for Christmas!

I decided to mix it up and get the pillow style (modern) pin cushion instead. However...I "might" need a cathedral too! ha ha. Everyone needs more than one pin cushion right? These sets are totally worth it and if you or someone you know needs a creative sewing related gift go visit Meadow Mist Designs on Etsy. And to my fellow quilters...I just realized she sells awesome quilt patterns! Im going to be getting one soon!

Thanks Cheryl for the wonderful product! Your shop rocks!


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