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Snail Mail Love or Hate? (Day 10-Blog Challenge)

Am I the only one who still likes getting a little love in the mail. And no not email...Im talking good old fashioned snail mail. Amongst the bills and actual junk mail there is something so sweet about getting a note, letter or even a package. I know my own mom is REALLY good about sending cards for holidays and I look forward to them. I feel like in our crazy tech world snail mail is becoming more and more of a lost art. We email. We text. Who writes anymore? I mean even my own handwriting lacks a little something to be desired as I spend most of my time typing. For me I think I was a little bummed around the Holiday. It seems less and less people actually send Christmas Cards. I am the most excited about getting those in the mail as I like to decorate with them. You know string them up over the fireplace or hang them on a wall display (see pic). I know we moved plus Im sure my friend list has dwindled significantly since baby #2 (my fault...No free time).  But still. I missed getting all the cards. I know for me I "almost" didn't get to send any. Sick kids and crazy busy season for me that it was a MIRACLE that I got christmas pics and cards made. And I mean a miracle. I finished my daughters dress the night before and set up an outdoor xmas scene in between rain the next day. I was very Thankful it worked out.

Here is my very small xmas card display. And I might even mention: One is mine, one is from my lawyer and one is from my management company! ha ha

So what is it that has changed? Do people not like getting mail? Or do we all like getting it but honestly don't have the time to send it? Sending a text or an email from our phones make it so easy right? Taking time to purchase a card and/or to write something, get a stamp and mail it definitely takes more time and effort and I am betting is MOST of the problem. Or maybe people don't like getting snail mail? Tell me...do you love it or hate it?

Well I LOVE it as I stated. So I propose this; In an effort to put my money where my mouth is, I am going to send ONE card/note each month to a friend or family member. This does not mean a birthday or a holiday card. This means a personal note/card that I write just to say Hi or Thinking of You or whatever I want to write. I went to the store today and purchased 12 cards so I am ready. I figured having something in hand would help make it easier and hold me accountable. Anyone else want to join me in this little challenge? Im not saying you need to send me a card (although you are more than welcome to...ha ha), I just want to challenge you to think of someone you love and to remind them....send them a little love in the mail and make their day. Now don't forget.....If you decide to send something to your enemies see our previous post on Sending Glitter to your Enemies. And also remember...if Im on your list....Ill come after you until you become a glitter fairy :) Just saying...

Here is proof that I will be sending snail mail love this year. Hope you get one of the 12 loves in the mail!


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