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Just under the wire....(blog challenge Day 14)

Boy Im sucking at this blog challenge the last few days. I was actually in bed and realized I forgot todays post! Its seriously been complete chaos. So rather than making todays post a negative one...Ill tell ya that I have been sewing in between the chaos like a crazy woman! The little small business I co-own, Three Dandelions, has been kicking some major butt on our Etsy site as well as a bunch of custom orders via Facebook. I figured right after Christmas it would be a slow month but that is not the case...Its been an AWESOME month. It all started with a few cute items for myself and for my kids and some CUTE Valentine fabric. Here is what I have been working on with my cute models showing their goodies...


PS...If you see something you love send me an email or visit www.threedandelions.com  :)  We have lots of stock and can also make custom products!

Im a cheater. Smoochies. (Day 15)

Blog Challenge Day? oops....11,12,13