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Blog Challenge Day? oops....11,12,13

Well I missed not ONE but TWO days blogging. Oops. Two days in a row even. I was caught and the blog stalker will be rewarded. In fact they will cover my challenge for sending out a little mail love too! ha ha. (yes I'm a cheater).  Honestly? Its been a rough couple days. Nothing major...Just good old fashioned Life that is driving me batty. Teething son. Three year old (need I say more?). Just life. Im emotionally exhausted over nothing. Well its not nothing I guess....but I mean I don't need anyone checking in on me to see whats wrong. Cause its nothing out of the ordinary. Kids driving me nuts and lots of beer drinking. Yes...this shall soon pass. Tomorrow is a new day....So heres to hoping I wake up to a bit of sunshine. And a fresh start. Dan handed me a page in a dr suess book "Oh The Places You Will Go". He's a goof....


Off to be in a lurch. LOL.


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