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1st Day of Preschool

I know I have lots to catch up on and Ill get to it....I promise. But today hits a milestone for us as parents. We survived 1st day of school drop off. Yes thats thats right WE survived. LOL.  This am we dropped both kids off at their new Montessori school that we have chosen. It was a long and frustrating road but we finally got to our final decision and chose a school about 15 minutes away. Its never easy figuring out care for your kids. Im picky and have had my good friend watching my kids since we moved to OC. Lily was so ready for school and has been excited for months. Their first actual day was supposed to be Monday. BUT...Lily decided to puke, yup puke on Sunday. Ummm....Isnt it only big kids who are supposed to "play" sick before 1st day of school? ha ha. Kidding. She had a 24 hour flu bug and was actually sad about no School. The puke was a whole other story....I don't clean up puke. No way. Nope. Thank god my mom was here (Dan was conveniently in Vegas) or I would have died. (THANKS MOM). All was better today....Dan and I went together to drop the kids off. Lily was a little timid but not much. We got her stuff all set up in her cubby and before I could even chat with her teacher she was already playing and making friends. So CUTE!  She told me this am..."Don't worry, Ill be okay at School Mom." Ugh...Tears. And then on the drive...she was telling Lennox not to cry (he was fussing when we put him in the car) since she would be with him and that they were going to School (more tears). I think my baby girl grew up over night. So proud of her. Here is a quick pic I shot of her as we left...


Such a big girl huh?  Sorry no shot of Lennox....Ill try to snag one at pick up :)

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