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Visit from Family + Pony ride

We had a very special treat with a visit from Auntie Jenn, Uncle Jordan and Baby Ella. Okay Ella is not really a baby anymore....but I can't help it. She is still baby Ella to me. Although not too far in the future Miss Baby Ella is going to be a big sister! So I guess she will no longer "technically" be the baby. Hopefully my family does not kill me....(Im pretty sure everyone knows now?) but they are not expecting one baby....THEY ARE HAVING TWINS! WAHOOOOOOOO! Now for them...this may be a scary thing but for me? It means PHOTO OPP! Yup! If these two are anything like their big sister its going to be double the fun! I can hardly wait!  I really am super happy for them and wish I was closer to help!  Anyway.....Last weekend they made what may be their last trek up to Oregon to visit. I was so happy they made it to Portland and could not put my camera down. So this post is going to have a crazy amount of photos. Sorry....Couldnt help myself. Needed to share the love :)  It was a quick visit but we managed to fit in a pony ride for the girls. SO CUTE!  It was fun to watch and Ella did so good!  She was even prepared with her adorable cowboy boots!  Thank you guys for coming to visit! We miss you all every day!  One way or another we will be there when the babies are born to snuggle, help where we can...oh and of course take TONS of pics. You know you have to have a baby book right? :)  LOVE YOU! ~Whitney

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