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Lennox's 1st Birthday Party

Planning parties seems to be my thing. I have no idea why. But with a little help from friends/family the parties just keep getting better and better. Oh and Pinterest. Gotta love Pinterest for inspiration.  I have had lots of practice planning showers and parties for girls but boys? Thats a whole new area for me. Its a little harder but I know its possible. Just gotta switch my brain. ha ha ha.  The inspiration for my little man's party came from some Hipster Fox fabric that I fell in love with.  Im always making things for Lily I really wanted to make something for Lennox. So I decided on a Fox vest and then that turned into the theme for the party.  I did a lot of searching on Pinterest and thinking up ideas that went along with a "Fox theme" and ended up with a kinda foresty feel with the fox as the main attraction. My mom and I threw the beautiful cake/display table together the night before. I was so happy with out it turned out. Most of the decor we grabbed from around my house. The cake I made.....The adorable little foxes my mom made (which doubled as the party favors). I have a million photos that Ill just go ahead and post now before I get too long winded.  I just want to thank everyone who came and to my husband, mom and Sam for helping me! It was a really great party and I actually got to enjoy it! We had everything so together there was no running around trying to be the "hostess." Best. Party. Ever! ha ha ha.  Here are the pics:

Poor Lennox

Visit from Family + Pony ride