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Lennox + Tubes

Look Im up to June on catching up on the blog! Ha!  Another week and Ill be up to present time. I CAN DO IT! Back to Lennox. My poor baby boy. Many of you know that Lennox got tubes. Boy was that traumatic. For me. Not him.  We had been fighting ear infections for 6 months. Chronic. No one wanted to do surgery if we didn't have to. But it got bad enough we scheduled a check up with ENT. Did you know there are a zillion antibiotics for each infections? Me neither. We went through ALL of them. We were at the point of injection. Ugh. I couldn't even do that one. No thank you. Lennox finished his final does of antibiotics and had an ENT appointment a few days later. I basically told myself he had an ear infection at that appointment we were getting tubes. Well...he had one. His, Ive lost count how many, ear infection. Ugh. So we scheduled the surgery and I started stressing. We had to be at the hospital at 6am. Which meant we had to leave our house by 5am. Ugh. Lennox could not eat. Ugh. Im not sure which is worse? Me up at 5am or not being able to feed my son. Let's just say Im not sure how Dan handled either of us. Okay...Lennox wasn't that bad....but still.

First I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Sam who took Lily overnight so we had one worry off our chests the morning of (pretty sure adding Lily to the 5am wake up call would have been the icing on the cake). You guys are the best and we REALLY appreciated the help.

So surgery day. Up at butt ass crack of dawn (come on it really was).  Off we go. Two hours before surgery. Oh did I mention that? NO FOOD OR DRINK FOR TWO HOURS! That was hard...I was struggling with it as he kept trying to get in the diaper bag to get something. We had to keep pacing and trying to distract him. Ugh.  We finally get in the room. They start prepping him. As soon as we get in the room my nerves went up drastically. It was our second visit to this hospital (Lennox 3 month ER visit)....and it just made me sad.  They gave him Tylenol and something to help make him sleepy then we headed to the surgery waiting area. I carried Lennox (I couldn't bear to put him in the crib they had for him). The LOOOOONG walk to the surgery area.  And then the crying started. (ummm no that was not Lennox crying) Ugh. We get in and Im still having trouble. We see the Dr and the anesthesiologist who both tried to make me feel better (at this point....nothing was going to help....but I appreciated the efforts).  Luckily, Dan took Lennox and did the pass off. The VERY nice anesthesiologist took him and was singing to him as she backed away. We had to leave to head to the waiting room. I walked out and started bawling....Horribly. I couldn't even make it to the waiting room. So we pit stopped in a vending machine area so I could stop bawling and compose myself. Dan got us some terrible coffee and some oatmeal for him. We walked into the waiting room and were trying to check the monitor on Lennox's status. Which said he was "out". Ummm.....Thats not possible right?  We had just sat down. I think I had one sip of my coffee. I look up and in walks the Dr who is handing me drops....and saying something...but I have no idea what he is saying to me. His lips are moving but I hear nothing. I finally interrupt and ask "Wait, Are you done?". He starts laughing. Of course. Its fine. He should be up any minute and a nurse will come and get you. WHAT IN THE HECK? Im still in shock. Its been 5 minutes. Tops. He walks out...and one minute (if that) later a nurse walks in, grabs me and takes me to where Lennox is. I was warned that he may be upset or cry when he wakes up so they try and get the parent in as quickly as possible. He wasn't all the way awake when I got there. Once he heard me he shot up and came right to me. Did not make a peep!

What a whirlwind of emotions. We took him back to our room and he ate like crazy. I couldnt control how upset I was but I am so thankful it was quick. It was such a small surgery but the doctor was very considerate and very supportive. It was still surgery and he had to be put to sleep. Both things are scary.  We all survived and now? Lennox has been AWESOME!  He has not had an ear infection since (and even a few snotty noses....so this is a GREAT sign).  We had our follow up with the ENT and everything was perfect!  So HAPPY!  All the emotions and craziness is all better now since Lennox can finally stop being sick all the time. Now if we can just get this kid to work on talking (PLEASE).

Thank to everyone for your calls/support during this!

Here is Lennox pre and post surgery.



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