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There are days.

There are days. Days you hope to forget. Days that you wonder how in the heck did we just deal with that. Gross days. Ones where you hold your breath and try not to puke. If you are a parent I guarantee you have had those days. A gentle reminder just how glamours being a parent is. Its amazing just how many gross bodily fluids we as parents deal with. And just how much grosser they get the older your child gets. I mean we can all handle a little baby puke and baby poop for that matter (usually). But when s*** gets real. It Gets Real. Are you laughing yet? I suppose I am. Last night was one of those days. Or I guess I should call it one of those nights. It didn't start out bad. Kids had a long day of daycare we actually had a mostly pleasant family dinner (you know...one where we ALL ate mostly at the same time, most of the food stayed off the floor and there wasn't too much screaming). Got the kids bathed...off to bed and a few minutes to relax before we ourselves crashed. Zzzzzzzzzz. Peaceful sleep.....Zzzzzzzz. And then it happens. 2am. In comes Lily. "Mom. Mom. There is Poop on my hands." Oh yes. That is what she said as I deliriously tried to wake up and focus on what I hoped I was not hearing correctly. All the while she is grabbing my hand. YES...YOU READ THAT RIGHT. She was SHARING her poop with me. Oh no. This is not happening. What time is it? Oh yeah. 2am. Someone kill me now. Dan jumps out of bed, I yell at Lily to go in her bathroom, I run to my bathroom (trying not to throw up) to start bleaching my hand now covered in POOP. OMG.  Once I felt partially poop free I went to help Dan and assess the damage. Lets just say it was a good thing I was half out of it. There was POOP EVERYWHERE. And no need to go into more details. It was bath, bleach, washer, scrubbing, screwdriver (don't ask) and a hose (well the shower hose) and more bleach. There are Days. Or in this case nights. I hope to never have to relive the nightmare again. (Please Lennox. No. Just No). Who else has had one of these. Please tell me Im not alone.

Best Part? Lily shared her lovely news with her entire class today. Isnt she awesome.

Ahem. Sweet Dreams.


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