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Cutie Pies

My kids were CUTE today. Yup. Thats right. Cutie Patooties. The morning started with Lennox helping me work on a quilt. It was adorable. He was helping pull it from the other end and he thought he was something super special that he could "help"mommy. "Again, Mommy," he kept saying once I would quilt a row. Here is a pic so you can see just how cute he is (not that you didn't believe me).

Next up, Lily. This cutie Melted my heart today.  She had ballet class and then rehearsal following (she is in Cinderella next month). So we had a quick window to grab lunch in between the two events. Lily's choice....She picked SUSHI! (clearly Im doing something right). So off to the sushi belt we went. And...the "almost" best part. She actually eats sushi. Me? I pretend. But her favorite is the seared Salmon (aka Pink fish).  We are sitting eating sushi and she says to me, "Mom, I love having our date with just me and you without the boys."  Melt my heart. Although it could just have been buttering me up for the cheese cake she promptly asked for (smart kid).  Regardless, Its a good reminder that sometimes my kids could use some one on one time. It clearly means a lot to them and is good for the heart.

Here is my sushi loving girl...

See....Not every day requires beer to survive. Some days are just perfect.

Back soon~


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