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A little Bliss...

Im sharing here because Im so in love with the new frames Im offering for Bliss. Its both personal and business. So you are getting an earful or blog post or whatever you want to call it, whether you like it or not! My amazing sister in law is über talented and has hooked up Bliss with some custom wood frames. They are BEAUTIFUL!  Even, Lennox thought the frames were awesome...


I guess that can be considered a "live" photo frame. Isn't he adorable?

I have a little shop attached to my Bliss website where I can post in stock goodies such as frames. Today I spent most of my afternoon getting that site updated with the new frames. This will also help my not so close clients be able to snag the frames they love! Here is a peek of the shop home page:

But if you are bored...or have a minute...Go peek for REAL! You can link the site in the right panel (Via Bliss Studio) if you are reading this on a computer. If you are on mobile Im pretty sure my little sidebar of links disappear. So you can also click HERE and it will take you straight to the Bliss shop!  If you see something you can't live without, GRAB IT! If you are local type "LOCAL" in for shipping and we can do a local pick up. Or if you have a custom request hit me up! These are all 8x10 and smaller and perfect for a wall OR they stand on their own and can go on a shelf or fireplace. They are all completely hand made. Hand painted...and each frame has its own character. No two alike!

I "heart" my sister in law. She made magic happen!



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