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Stitch Fix Review

This is a post about my newest stitch fix box. BUT. First things first. Today was "National Donut Day" So, naturally I got donuts for work...

They were YUMMY!  Hope some of you enjoyed donuts too!

Today I received my 13th fix. Ill call it LUCKY #13!  Ill admit my last couple have not been my favorite and I was getting disappointed. I usually love my summer boxes and I had a bit of a credit so I wanted to try one more time and see what would happen.  For those of you who don't know...Stitch Fix is perfect for those who hate to shop (like me). You fill out an online profile, create a Style Board on pinterest with outfits you love and a personal stylist gets paired up with you.  A box with 5 items that are chosen for you is sent. Its $20.00 for the box BUT if you keep anything the $20 applies to your order (shipping is free). I really do like the surprise box too. Its fun to see what someone else picks out for me.  Oh....and they added SHOES! Thats a winner for me!  I would take a box of all shoes if I could.

Today I had a little helper who wanted to open Mommy's Present.

Usually, Lily loves to open my boxes but this time Lennox was more excited. "Cheese Mommy". Such a cutie!

So since Im spoiled...and married to a photographer I wanted better than iPhone pics. ha ha ha.  Granted...we both just got home from work, dinner and putting the kids to bed so we were not really prepared for a photo shoot. Lets start with Lennox's favorite item (literally). He wanted me to open the box with the necklace and wear it.

This is called the "Downing Layered Mosaic Necklace" its from 31bits.com It came with a little story about the necklace was made by artisans in Uganda. I of course love the layered look and the colors so the story was just bonus. Oh and of course it was Lennox's favorite item. So....KEEP!

These are Dolce Vita Monica Lizard Criss Cross Sandals. They are cute and comfy. The little dust bag was a bonus. The white color also matches my entire box! KEEP!

Skies are Blue, Alfreton Embroidery Tank. Love the color. Love the simple pattern! KEEP!

LOVED this! I had a dress that was similar on my pinterest board so I was excited to see this. It is a Olinda Embroidered Top. KEEP!

This was my favorite in the box! Its a t-shirt dress and SUPER cozy.  Leighton T-Shirt Dress (loveappella).  The only thing lacking in this pic? Color....IN MY LEGS! Holy Cow. Good thing we are heading into summer. I look like a ghost! ha! (Oh and of course KEEP).

So there you have it! My Lucky #13 box! Thanks to my fabulous stylist, Amie who killed it this time!  If you are interested in giving it a try you can CLICK HERE! You may just LOVE it too!

It was time to update my headshot....This is far from perfect. But totally me. So Ill take it. Thanks to my wonderful Hubby for the pics!

More Soon~


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