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Mini Family Vacation

We don't go anywhere. Well at least on purpose. Somehow the idea of taking a family vacation feels like so much more work that its worth and a whole lot less like a "vacation". I mean really. It does not matter if you go for one day or a week....You pack enough crap that you feel like you are moving. Then you haul the kids in the car for a less than enjoyable car ride (screaming, crying, are we there yet). Then you arrive and unpack your entire life. Then you sit and relax? Right...Kids must be entertained, fed, etc...and all that seems like more work than if you had just stayed home. You survive the mini vacation and then its time to pack back up, drive home...unpack...and LAUNDRY. House is trashed. Remind me why we didn't just stay home? Come on...You have been there right? Some how we tell ourselves its worth it. And its creating memories for the kids. Which would all be fine, if I thought my kids would actually remember all of it (okay, someday they will).

We were forced to go to Bend last weekend. Forced. Ha. Not really. Good friends of ours invited us to come to Bend to stay at their cabin in the woods. We decided it would be fun. Photo ops, good friends and a house (which is MUCH easier than a hotel room), Oh and Beer. Plus when you travel with friends who have kids somehow it all seems much more manageable. Not sure how? But we survive the chaos together and all hands on deck make it less work I suppose.

We only stayed one night but it was great. We ate great food, drank beer, played cards, colored, went for a "hike" and the kids had a blast playing. All in all it was a success. Since I was off duty I left my camera at home. Figuring I had my phone for pics I wasn't too worried. BUT. Little did I know there was this AMAZING tub that lived in a bath house on their property. UMMMMM. There was no way in heck I was passing up this photo op. So I painfully stole (Sorry....I hate using a camera thats not mine) my hubby's camera and managed to get exactly what I envisioned. It is not everyday that you get an opportunity like this.

AMAZING right? This is a shot of Lily and one of her bestie's, Zhoë.  Beautiful light and color. Sometimes being off duty can make for the BEST photos!

I had to start with the tub pic. But before this happened I was forced to go on a hike (ahem..walk). Michele and I took the kids to see the river and of course by the time we returned they were a hot mess (perfect for bath pic right?)

Here are a few pics from our "hike"

Seriously though, it was a fun trip and we are thankful we were invited (thanks guys!).  The only part we wish could have been better was the less than fabulous drive home. Its about a  3 hour drive to the cabin. The drive home took us about 7 hours. Yup thats right. 7 FREAKING MISERABLE HOURS. I could have drove the kids to Reno.  And at least we would have been moving and not crawling at about 5 mph most of the drive. Note: DO NOT TRAVEL HOME ON A HOLIDAY. Period.

We did pit stop a few times to let the kids get out and go potty and stretch their legs. They were less than thrilled but I still grabbed a shot with the pretty mountain behind them.

Next trip will be to Reno (next week!) but thankfully it will just be a girls trip. Lily is slightly more enjoyable in the car than Lennox. We "should" survive.

More soon~


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