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Thursday Buzz From Grandma: Halloween Part 2

Halloween Costumes

Do you recall YOUR first Halloween costume, I do! It was a shiny silky colorful gypsy costume with a plastic masked gypsy face, complete with painted on earrings. I loved it! Kids all look forward to the costume choices along with the bags of candy.

As we got older, my Mom decided to just put together our costumes from things around the house, instead of buying “cheezy” store bought ones. I remember when my sister was little and missing her 2 front teeth, my Mom dressed her up as a little pumpkin, nothing bought, sewn, etc, all just by using things at home. I was a “Maharajah Hippie” one year, complete with old painted sheet, hippie beads, blue granny sunglasses, peace sign and a flower for power. Over the years, my Mom would just throw things in the “Halloween Costume Box” things that we could use for costumes and things that we had used in the past. Each year as Halloween was approaching, we would dig in that box for ideas and pull things out that we could use for our latest and greatest costume.

With my Mom now gone now and us moving around a lot over the years, the infamous “Halloween Box” went to my sister, I think. I have started my own box that we have added to over the years. Witches and pirates have come out of our box, put together with glue, tape, pins, scissors, etc! It is more fun I think when your costume is your own original creation! One of my favs, (and award winning by the way), is an old bag lady costume. I actually got my inspiration from a real bag lady that used to visit a Denny’s restaurant counter where I worked as a teenager, sad but true…Goodwill is a great place to get costume pieces and accessories for costume ideas.

Those of you that sew can really make some great costumes. I confess, I can sew, but don’t and am a little jealous of those that can and take the time to actually do…

I am adding a pic of my grandson, Landon from last Halloween dressed as Woody from Toy Story.  While out Trick or Treating, he came toe to toe with Buzz Lightyear, he was like, WOW, it was very funny!

My Mom had a recurring costume she called, “Vampira” that was kind of a cross between Elvira and a Vampire, she always looked amazing! She had a lot of birthday celebration Halloween parties since her birthday falls on November 3rd. So in her honor of one of her fav holidays, here is a pic of my beautiful Mom, probably the last time she was “Vampira” with one of our cousins, Wesley as a mini Vampire.

Please send me comments on any fav costumes that you have put together or made yourself in the past or just what you are dressing yourself up as or your little ones this year.

Happy Halloween, Be Safe and Have Fun!

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Happy Halloween!

Sad But True.