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Sad But True.

Is it sad that we take pleasure in other peoples' misery? LOL What I mean is we WANT to hear that our fellow mommys are miserable. ha ha. That they know how it feels. They feel our pain. ha ha.  Okay I am such a brat...but you know what I mean dont you?  Thanks to everyone who has reached out via comments/facebook/email about my lack of sleep. It is a little comforting knowing I am not alone and honestly there is not a "Perfect" solution. Its trial and error and do what you can. Every baby is different and every situation is different.  At this point I am just trying to make it through the week and Dan will be back. Then we can try different things....which will make me feel better knowing I have backup/help.  Not an easy task when you are alone and sleep deprived.  My patience does not last very long unfortunately (need to work on that! ha ha). Tomorrow we will be moving on to happier things! Its Thursday Buzz with Grandma who is posting Part 2 on Halloween!

And just because posts are better with a pic. Here is my polk a dot princess yesterday. Innocent right?

More Soon~


Thursday Buzz From Grandma: Halloween Part 2

Sleep Deprived. Help.