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Sleep Deprived. Help.

I dread the night time. DREAD IT.  I know it starts out rough feeding every few hours...but eventually you turn the corner to no middle of night feedings and that was HEAVEN.  Most babies start sleeping through the night around 3 months. And according to my mom I was one of those babies. So I am blaming "Daddy" on Lily not sleeping :) (love you honey).  We had started feeling good about night time with Lily going to be pretty easily and if we got up at all it was once or twice and just a quick binkie and she was instantly back to sleep.  Even with getting up once or twice (if at all) I could handle that. It was quick and Dan would help with one if needed.  Well...that has ended. For whatever reason the last week has been terrible and I am honestly not sure what to do.  Lily still goes to bed fairly easy between 8-9 after her last bottle.  Now...She "sleeps" until 8-9 the next day which is the good part. The bad part is she is up ALL NIGHT LONG! And frankly its killing me.  Sometimes we make it to about 1am for the first waking sometimes only 11pm (at which point she thinks its time to be up). Sometimes we can binky her and she is fine (usually at the 1am wake up)  but the next wake up sometime between 3-5am its 3-4 times of getting up and she REFUSES to go back to sleep.  My only solution is to bring her in bed with me at which point she goes right to sleep and does not make a peep until 9am.  This is NOT what I call a good solution.  At least I am able to somewhat sleep but it is difficult with her in my bed and not my idea of fun.  I hear people talk about "let her cry it out for 3 days" umm....Sorry...But at 1am?  Um not thanks. I am a CRABBY mommy at 1am and need my sleep. I can not do it.   I can see having her cry it out if we started at 9pm or even 10pm. But 1am?  We did try to let her cry it out one night when she woke up at 11pm and thought it was time to get up.  We tried for 45 minutes. Yeah. That was fun.  So tell me...What do you suggest? Anyone else have similar problems? I know you have to take advice and do what works for you but I am curious if other people have shared in this "joy" :)  I am playing single mom for about a week and am super stressed about no sleep.  No help plus no sleep? Ugh. Please share. If anything let me know I AM NOT ALONE! ha ha ha

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