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Happy Birthday To Me...

Most of Lily's blog stalkers already knew...but just in case...Saturday was my umm... 29 again bday? Okay 32nd. Oh well. It is what it is.  The reason I am telling you is ALL I wanted for my bday was my precious little girl to SLEEP ALL NIGHT IN HER CRIB!  I mean is that too much to ask for? Please Miss Lily?  This did not exactly happen...My actual bday my WONDERFUL friend, Jamie came to town to babysit so Dan and I could have a date night.  Well....that lasted about an hour. And seriously not on purpose. We headed to dinner about 7:30 and I think we were home by 8:45. And we did NOT rush.  We sat down...had appetizer, had a drink, had dinner AND had dessert. We ate slow. Then we sat for 20 minutes trying to figure out what we could do to waste more time. Seriously. Who goes home at 8:30? There wasnt any movies. And I had no desire to go to a bar.  I really just wanted to curl up on my couch in PJ's and watch a movie "Water for Elephants" that we rented weeks ago and have not had a second to watch. Jamie teased us but home we went....and I still enjoyed it! Lily was her usual...went to bed for Jamie super easy at 8:30 and up exactly one hour later. What a sweet girl.  Since I had a houseful of guests I did not want everyone to wake up so we just brought her downstairs and let her sleep there until the movie was finished. And then rather than fight her....to our bed she went.  Now I said I didnt exactly get what I wanted? Well...last night....Lily slept ALL NIGHT! IN HER CRIB!  Not a peep out of her. No joke. And I dont think Dan and I slept all night as we were worried that she WAS sleeping :) go figure right?  Fluke? We have no clue. I broke a few "rules" and made her a little cozier sleeping area.  We will try again tonight and see what happens. But praying we have found the solution. Thank you Lily for a day after bday gift! You are the best! ha ha. Here is a shot of Lily breaking in my new rain boots Dan got me...



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