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Yup. Its true. Santa was at the mall this last weekend.  I admit I was a bit stunned as I thought that started Thanksgiving weekend?  But this is also coming from the girl that has her tree up already :)  So even though I was shocked I took advantage of the NO LINE and had Lily visit Santa.  I was thrilled there was no wait...made it worth it.  The only part I was a little pouty on is they would not let me take a photo. I even offered to PAY to do it.  My gear/quality is 100 times better or I wouldnt care so much.  I dont need a ton of images with Santa I just wanted a good print. The crappy one they print for you is TERRIBLE.  So I bought the digital files and will be printing one on good quality paper. That at least helps. It also means I can post it here for you guys to see!  We visited Santa with Lily's little "cousins", Kylee & Avery.  So we got a group shot too! Merry Christmas! LOL


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