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Tis the Season! Does this time of year make you think about how fortunate you and your family are and maybe about others that may not be as fortunate? What do you do to give back at this time of year, or any time? I remember the gift trees in the Eugene mall when the kids were little we would take an ornament with a child’s name and get them a gift to put under the tree there. In the working world, the places I have worked usually adopt-a-family or an organization to donate holiday gifts to. I am the administrator again this year for our department to adopt-a-family. Everyone here is very generous and tries to get the things on the list that they provide that this family needs and wants. I remember being a foster parent and seeing first-hand what these kids are missing in their lives. There were organizations that helped provide them with gifts at this time of year, but they still were in need of so much, things that couldn’t be wrapped and put under the tree.

A friend from school last night, (for those of you that don’t know me, I am finally almost finished with my Bachelor’s degree in Business), was talking about a food bank fund raiser that she was heading up for the homeless. I also just read a news article yesterday about a woman and her grown son who just moved into the Reno area. She had lost her job in Northern California and heard she might have more opportunities here. Well, since she arrived she has been using her unemployment checks and she and her son have been “working” downtown, providing meals for the homeless. News is she has recently gotten a job, her son has enlisted in the military, and one of the homeless men they were feeding is now cooking and helping this new organization she has formed feed the homeless here each day. People have made comments to her, like”These homeless people should be made to work for their meals.” Her response was, “I don’t make people work before a meal that I share with them when they are invited to my home...” It made me think again about what is important and also what isn’t.  I know I personally get caught up with myself and my life and don’t always take the time to think about others and I could probably do more. Just my thoughts.

Happy Holiday Season Everyone!

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