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Thursday Buzz with Grandma...

Clocks a tickn’, Xmas is just 17 days away…I am looking forward to seeing baby Lily most of all for the holiday and her 1st Christmas. She is growing so fast, changing every day. I can hardly wait! I am ashamed to say that as of today, tree trimming is definitely still on my to-do list. We have decided to go with putting up my daughter’s fake tree this year. It is a nice one, and used to be ours. It will be less fuss and muss, but definitely not a real tree with the real tree fragrance.

More controversy and/or difference of opinions are involved with the tree decorating at my house. I like a tree with white lights and a theme, color-wise at the very least. My husband likes all of the different colored lights and different decorations. When the kids were small, my tree was definitely colorful and eclectic and decorated with kid-themed and special ornaments that we had and even that they had made each year. This year, my daughter has brought her fake tree over with her decorations, which include a color theme of green and red and the multi-colored lights. The colored lights are not her choice either. So, apparently the multi-colored lights option might also be a man-choice thing…This does not apply if your man is Metro Man, (and you know who you are)!

I feel like the ousted mid-life crisis lady who doesn’t know who she is on Millionaire Matchmaker, (yep, I admit to watching the silly show when I have alone girlie TV time at my house), and claimed to be a model, actress, spokesperson, dancer, life-coach, etc, etc. I annoy myself when I even think about what I do and my crazy schedule that includes way too many part-time odd-jobs.  I digress, my point being that I truly never have enough hours in a day, we all say this I know especially now during the busiest season of the year. But really? Even my lunch hours are filled with my ever-ending to-do list of stuff to do.

I will spend today’s lunch break out getting my Christmas cards and wrapping essentials. My Christmas shopping list seems to be growing instead of shrinking!

I do need to take a moment and remind myself what is truly important so I’ll share.

What Do We Love About Christmas?

What do we love about Christmas; Does our delight reside in things? Or are the feelings in our hearts The real gift that Christmas brings.

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