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Bowling Nights

Lily is going to be growing up in the bowling alley somewhat like I did as I kid. I still remember going to the alley and running around while my parents were in leagues. Dan and I are following the same path. He and I bowl on a league at Tigard Bowl on tuesday nights. The most challenging thing is bringing Lily.  She is usually pretty good as we play pass the baby around the team. But it can break your concentration and result in BAD bowling!  But hey its all part of the experience and it was one activity we did not want to give up. Our one night out together. So we pack Lily up and drag her along. But dont worry she will be bowling by the time she is walking...and probably be kicking our butts right? And wait till you see what we got her for Christmas!  Stay tuned for that. Here is a quick iphone pick of her at the alley. She was eating a Mum Mum and I think a bit "over" the bowling by this point! ha ha


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