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My Grandma

Today is a sad day for me as it was my Grandmothers Birthday. But Im going to try not to be sad and instead remember how she LIVED.  The part thats really hard for me is my grandma and I were really close and I know she would have given ANYTHING to meet little Lily. She use to bug me all the time about wanting to be a "Great" Grandma even though I assured her she already was Great! ha ha.  I am the oldest grandchild and my grandma was fairly young (had my dad when she was 17 and then my dad was only 21 when I was born).  I know that if Grandma is watching she would be so proud of little Lily. And to Grandma...we will make sure Lily knows who you were and how much you would have liked to be here to meet her. Happy Birthday...today I will remember the wonderful, crazy life you lived and how much I was able to share in that life with you. It was the BEST! Love you Grandma. Here is a photo of my Grandma and I at my very first studio Grand Opening party. She flew from Arizona just to be a part of this big day! She was the bestest. Cheers Grandma!




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