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Thursday Buzz with Grandma...

Countdown to Lily! Will see the little sweetie on the 22nd, can’t wait! It’s very hard when your children and grandchildren live in another state. Little ones grow and change so much and too fast. We are all getting things accomplished, right? All those lists should be getting smaller and we are all probably thinking about the actual holiday of Christmas to be spent with family and what we will be doing together. My family has our traditional PJ gift exchange, our one gift we all open together on Christmas Eve. A little variation this year, we drew names instead of having significant others or Mom’s purchase and gift the PJ’s. We have had seen some fun jingle Jammies and some hilarious gag gift PJ’s in past years. Last weekend, I was getting very funny text pics from family members out shopping and uh modeling PJ’s for this year, so it could be very interesting this year too. We also do a family group stocking stuffing on Christmas Eve, everyone contributes and the stockings are a fun part of our Christmas morning that we all look forward to the most.

For all you last minute shoppers, (guys, you can admit it now, you know you will be out there in that madness), I have never gone out shopping on Christmas Eve... However, this year, I will be working all day on Christmas Eve at my 2nd fun? retail job. My co-workers have informed me that last Christmas Eve was a close 2nd to Black Friday and rated as one of the worst day of their lives. Awesome! Can’t wait, but thank goodness the store closes at 6:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve. As soon as I get off work, I will be heading over to my son and his wife’s to join the family for a fun Christmas Eve.

9 days ‘til Christmas J

~Teri Troke- Lily’s Gma


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