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Christmas Part 1: The Drive To Reno

Why did we decide to drive?  I really wonder. I mean the drive isn't that long but you add a baby in the mix and its a little less "fun" then you could want.  Flying to Reno is one hour and twenty minutes. The drive with NO stops about 10 hours. Again. What were we thinking?  Well....I do hate traveling via plane during the holidays and we had way too much stuff to bring since it was a week trip.  It looked like we were moving in with my poor brother and his wife.  Luckily they weren't too mad at our disaster. I mean Lily had more stuff then all of us :)  Cant be mad at that little cutie.  We decided to get on the road at 5am figuring that way Lily would sleep for a good chunk of it. 5am. Sucks. Way too early. Way too grumpy. But Lily did sleep until about 9 so that did get us a chunk of the drive out of the way. And then the curve ball hits. Dan's car decided to break. Awesome. Not quite what we had in mind. So we started praying we could make it to the next dealership to get it looked at and luckily we were able to get to Grants Pass.  Whew.  Now you know everything takes 10 times longer than you want but I was more nervous since we had Lily. I was trying to get this trip over as quickly as possible.  They tell us at least an hour on the "fix" sooooo we just bought a new car. OOPS.  Yup. Its true. Dan got a car for Christmas. Who does that? Us apparently. We bought a newer Mazda that just made the drive that much better. More room...cozy and a happy hubby.  Here is Dan with his car AND baby Lily checking it out...

We might be crazy...but hey it made for a rather eventful drive. We made it in one piece and Lily was amazing. I think the trip was harder on me and the fact I was so worried about Lily. But she did it...and we all survived. Stay tuned for Part 2.

Christmas Part 2: Pre Christmas

Eating is always an adventure...