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Christmas Part 2: Pre Christmas

We spent the few days we had before Christmas hanging out, visiting with family and of course some last minute shopping. We also have a PJ tradition as many of you probably do as well....Xmas eve we all open a gift of PJ's that we wear on Christmas Day. And of course we see who can stay in their PJ's the longest (I think my sister in law, Jenn might have won...but I was close behind! LOL) Lily really enjoyed her family especially her little Cousin Landon. She thought he was pretty cool and Landon was so good with Lily. He let her pick on him and he just sat really still. What a sweet boy. I had to keep telling Lily not to hit Landon and tell Landon she does not understand...but he was a trooper. Here are a couple pics of the two of them playing so sweetly... Lily LOVED this cute little Rudolph my siblings had at their house. She couldnt quite figure out the flashing nose...but hey Eating it is always the best solution right? (I seem to be missing that photo...but she did try it out) Next we have Lily opening up her Christmas Eve gift with a little help from cousin Landon. I am pretty sure the paper was way more fun than the gifts! ha ha. We drew names this year for the first time for our PJ exchange. Landon I believe had Lily (or it may have been my sis Destiny?) and her PJS were adorable. Baby's 1st Christmas... And for the heck of it here is mine and Jenn's Gingerbread Men we got to decorate. Are they just adorable? Last but not least...Jenn and I both got "cutting" machines for Christmas. Since mine was at home we decided we should try out her new cricket. What else to cut out but LILY! And we also have a quick shot of my bro and sis-in-laws BEAUTIFUL TREE!

Lots to share :) Stay tuned for Part 3...hopefully tomorrow!



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