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Excited? hmmm

I think its funny when everyone else seems so much more excited than I am? Dont get me wrong...I am excited but I think nerves have over taken the excitement. Its a little different when YOU are not the one anticipating childbirth. Of course YOU are excited! ha ha ha. 3rd Trimester is definitely starting to take its toll on me. I had been doing good but now Im ready. Dan was laughing this last weekend at me. What I asked him? "I can just tell you are over this...get this baby out!". LOL. I guess I have started complaining now and I am sure you can read my face....Not happy. I am working on being a good sport and I know we are in the homestretch now so this temp problem will soon be over! However I know keeping this girl IN is a lot easier than OUT! ha ha. But I am ready to have my energy and body back to normal or closer to normal at least. Im ready to play some Volleyball!

No more complaining...Lily will be here soon :)



Baby Pool